Vulcan Electric introduces an expanded line of RTD probe assemblies

Porter, Maine, April 2, 2014– Vulcan Electric introduces an expanded line of RTD probe assemblies in a wide range of construction options and features. The temperature sensor assemblies are offered in several standard and unique configurations designed to provide enhanced performance in applications where temperature accuracy and stability are critical. Vulcan’s extensive selection of  RTD probe designs include several 3-A sanitary constructions engineered specifically for use in pharmaceutical, food, beverage, life sciences and other hygienic process applications.

In addition to high reliability RTD sensor technology, the Vulcan probes are available with a patented integrated transmitter built into the body of the sensor tube. The compact all in one transmitter design is hermetically sealed within the tube and eliminates a bulky termination head typically required to house traditional transmitters. Other advantages include simplified installation, easier cleaning, and tamperproof operation.

“We continue to expand our offering of thermal products with reliable cost effective solutions for many of today’s most demanding thermal processes and equipment.” said Normand Sirois, President of Vulcan Electric. “This expanded offering of RTD sensor products and features represent our ongoing commitment to provide technologically advanced solutions for critical thermal applications.”

Vulcan Electric RTD temperature sensors are available in numerous standard and customizable options, including M12 connectors, all Teflon constructions, pipe trace designs, threaded fittings, flanges, custom probe bends, and various lead wire terminations.

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