At Vulcan Electric, we offer a full range of electric heating element constructions and heater assemblies. All heaters are customizable to provide the best-engineered fit and performance in your application. Our heaters’ product pages present a representative portfolio of our products and common options. Whether a custom or a standard heater for a new project, new product, or a replacement, we can design and build it!

Finned Strip Heaters
Finned Strip Heaters are manufactured with the same one-piece welded construction as our standard Strip Heaters except that heat-dissipating fins are added to the outer sheath. The fins are specially designed and mechanically attached to provide efficient heating in many air or gas process heating applications. Construction is Underwriters Labs Recognized, and certified for use in Canada.
Strip Heaters
Strip Heaters offer a rugged one-piece welded construction available in stainless steel. These Strip Heaters are an excellent choice for surface contact heating where even heat over broad surface area is desired. Construction is Underwriters Labs Recognized, and certified for use in Canada.
Enclosure Heaters
Vulcan Enclosure Heaters are used in enclosures and cabinets where temperature control is required. These heaters are an excellent choice in confined spaces for the prevention of condensation build-up or freeze protection. The fins on finned strip models are mechanically attached to the heater sheath for maximum heat dissipation and performance. Shroud models include a corrosion resistant tubular heater with perforated cover.
Cartridge Heaters
Cartridge Heaters are designed for use in close tolerance holes for application of a high concentration of heat. These heaters are ideal for heating solids in a limited amount of space. Units are available in diameter from 3/16" to 1-1/4" depending on type. Product is Underwriters Labs Recognized, and certified for use in Canada.
Bolt Insertion Heaters
Vulcan Bolt Heaters are used in assembling large equipment and securing heavy apparatus to foundations. These units employ the principles of thermal expansion and contraction to expand large, hollowed-out studs and holding bolts. Available in a wide range of diameters, lengths, and wattages for many fit requirements.
Component Tubular Heaters
Vulcan Tubular Heaters are an extremely versatile source of electric heat. These heaters operate over a wide temperature range from cryogenic levels to 1600 °F (871 °C) depending on sheath material and application. Tubular Heaters are capable of being formed into many shapes in one or more planes. They can also be designed with flattened sides for improved surface contact. Many units are Underwriters Labs Recognized.
Finned Tubular Heaters
Vulcan Finned Tubular Heaters are manufactured with the same rugged construction as our standard Tubular Heaters and then a helically wound fin is attached to the outer sheath. The fins are fully brazed to the heater sheath for optimum heat dissipation and efficiency. These heaters are ideal for heating air and select gases in forced and natural convection applications.
Explosion Resistant
Vulcan Explosion Resistant Armorwall Heaters are ideal for applications for use in hazardous or abusive environments. These heaters incorporate a rugged 1/10" wall thickness for the most demanding applications. The element construction is Underwriters Labs Recognized in accordance with UL Standard 823 Heaters for use in Hazardous Locations.
Preweld Heaters
Vulcan Preweld Heaters are specially designed units that utilize our Tubular Heater construction. They are designed as clamp-on assemblies to provide localized preheating for welding processes. Rugged mounting brackets are provided for placement of the heater over studs on the parent metal.
Screw Plug Bushing Heaters
Vulcan Screw Plug Bushing Immersion Heaters are a preferred source of electric heat for a wide variety of small to medium wattage applications. These immersion heaters can be mounted through a tank wall or into pipes which carry liquid. Models are available in many configurations including basic assemblies, units with terminal housing and units with thermostat control. All units incorporate Vulcan's Tubular Heater construction
Flanged Immersion Heaters
Vulcan Flanged Immersion Heaters are ideal for applications requiring high wattages. These popular heaters incorporate standard pipe flanges configured for installation into a pipe body, tank, or vessel. All catalog pipe flange models are equipped with a moisture resistant housing attached directly to the mounting flange. All flanged heater models utilize Vulcan's Tubular Heater construction.
Bottom Outlet Heater
Vulcan Bottom Outlet Heaters provide an alternative installation method where flange and bushing mountings are not desirable or practical. They are installed through a hole in the bottom of a vessel without the need for additional mounting provisions. This same installation design can also be used with other Vulcan horizontal heaters.
Over the Side Heaters
Vulcan Over-The-Side Heaters provide an alternative installation method where flange and bushing mounting are not desirable or practical. These tank heaters are designed for easy installation and removal through the top of a tank or drum without the need for additional mounting provisions. Units include heavy wall riser tube that positions the terminal housing above the liquid level.
Circulation Heaters
Vulcan Circulation Heaters are offered in a variety of wattage outputs and sizes. Standard units range from compact miniature water heaters with less than 100 watts of output to large 14" pipe style units that provide in excess of 100 kilowatts. Many Circulation Heaters incorporate standard Bushing and Flanged heaters for direct retrofit.
Air Process Heaters
Vulcan Air Process Heaters offer flexibility for numerous air and gas applications up to 1100 °F (593 °C) depending on model. Assemblies are available for direct insertion into existing air duct work or as standalone flow-through tube heat exchangers. All units utilize Vulcan component heating elements or subassemblies.
Low Temp Duct Heaters
Vulcan Low-Temperature Duct Heaters are solidly-built comfort and air process heaters designed for use where the inlet air temperature does not exceed 100 °F (38 °C). They utilize a Finned Tubular Heater construction assembled to a rugged metal terminal housing with integral mounting flange for installation into the air duct. Over-temperature thermostats are included.

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