Thermocouple Calibration

In many cases Profile Thermocouples used in processes below 900 degrees Celsius can be recalibrated and returned to service. Often the only cost associated with this process is retesting the thermocouple and producing a report of the acceptable test results.

At Vulcan Electric, calibrations are performed in our state of the art comparison systems with direct NIST standards. Calibration reports are available in Modes 2, 4, 6, 7, and 8 as follows:

  • Mode 2: Temperature to be added to obtain correct temperature
  • Mode 4: Absolute measured temperature
  • Mode 6: Millivolts deviation versus temperature
  • Mode 7: Microvolts to be added to obtain correct temperature
  • Mode 8: Microvolts deviation versus temperature

The Profile Thermocouple is supplied with a calibration report for each individual zone within the thermocouple. The results are traceable to National Standards Laboratories and conform to the latest international and international specifications.

Profile Thermocouples used in processes above 900 degrees Celsius are recommended to be calibrated after six months of continual use and replaced after one year in operation.

We offer several Thermocouple management programs that can be tailored to specific customer requirements and provide the most cost effective solution. Semiconductor Fabs frequently realize significant savings with our programs.

Please contact us with your specific program requirements.

Brochure- Calibration Services – Rev B- June 2014

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