Vacuum Process Sensors

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  • Designed for vacuum application temperatures up to 2300 °C
  • Available in all standard ANSI calibrations
  • Optimum performance in most critical vacuum applications

Vulcan Electric Vacuum Process Line of temperature sensors using the latest seal fitting technologies that can be designed to seal pressures ranging from vacuum up to 30,000 psi (2067 bars) and designed for durability and reliability in high temperature applications to 4200° F (2315° C). Such applications generally involve vacuum, reducing, inert gas, graphite, or contamination atmospheres that challenge the life of the thermocouple. Vulcan’s knowledgeable team design and manufacture vacuum sensor assemblies with a selection of appropriate materials and configurations to maximize the life and reliability of thermocouples in these environments.

  • ISO 2861 KF Fittings Standard Size #10, #16, #25 and #40. Other installation options available.
  • Diameters range from 0.040″ (1.0 mm) to 1.50″ (47.5 mm)
  • Adjustable compression gland fittings using High-integrity seals for vacuum tight application
  • Flexible Ceramic and Bendable Metal Sheath Materials for hard to reach areas
  • Protective tube sheath materials to meet specific application requirements; Molybdenum tungsten coated, pure tungsten, tantalum, molybdenum, platinum, alumina oxide, Hexoloy®
  • Insulation materials for extreme temperatures; hafnium oxide insulation
  • Single, dual and multiple junction options for profiling
  • Thermocouple elements: Type C, G, R, S, B, PII, K, N
  • Custom designs for O.E.M. applications
  • Temperature ranges up to 2315 °C (4200 °F)
  • Crystal growing
  • Solar Cells, silicon ingot, wafer, thin film
  • LEDs, sapphire ingot, wafer, thin film
  • Chemical vapor deposition & infiltration
  • Hot isostatic presses
  • Metallurgical heat treatment processes
  • Aerospace
  • Advanced ceramics and composite materials
  • Destructive testing
  • Nuclear
  • Research and Development

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