Vulcan Electric Presents Vacuum Temperature Sensors

Porter, ME, January 18, 2017- Vulcan Electric presents a broad range of temperature sensors specifically designed  and manufactured for application requirements with seal pressures ranging from vacuum up to 30,000 psi (2067 bars). Vulcan’s thermocouple sensors utilize technologies that provide optimum durability and performance in a wide range of operating conditions including high temperature applications up to 4200° F (2315° C).

Applications typically involve vacuum, reducing, inert gas, graphite, or atmospheres that challenge the life of thermocouple sensors. Vulcan’s knowledgeable team designs and manufactures vacuum sensor assemblies with a selection of application appropriate materials and configurations to maximize the life and reliability of thermocouples in these environments.

Available features and options include KF style mounting fittings, adjustable fittings, select protective tubes such as tantalum or tungsten, several element types including C, R, S, or B, and numerous other construction options as well as customization.   Our vacuum temperature sensors are applied into numerous process industries and applications including crystal growing, solar cells, sapphire ingots, wafer fabs, hot isostatic presses, heat treating, advanced ceramics and composite materials.

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