Vulcan Electric Pre-weld Heaters

To ensure the highest quality weld with minimum cracking, pre-heating has become standard practice for ship building, pipe fitting, and fabrication of metal structures. Pre-heating reduces thermal stress, as well as reduces hydrogen cracking and improves the micro structure of the weld joint. ASME codes specify the requirements and benefits for preheat of many ferrous metals prior to welding.

Vulcan offers Pre-weld heaters in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, wattages, and voltages to accommodate any application. Our heaters are designed and fabricated in a unique tubular configuration with a flat contact surface to maximize heat transfer. Our electric heaters provide the advantage of more precise temperature control compared to gas torches. Also, Vulcan Electric heaters provide a clean pre-heating process without surface deposits of combustion by-products produced by gas torch pre-heating.

Vulcan heaters are available with options such as mounting brackets, terminal enclosures, temperature sensors, rugged power cords and socket plug adaptors. We welcome requests for custom sizes, shapes and wattage output.

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