Vulcan Electric Presents Sapphire Profile Thermocouples

Porter, ME, May 8, 2019 – Vulcan Electric presents Sapphire Profile Thermocouples for Silicon Process Technologies. These advanced thermocouples are an excellent alternative to SiC (Silicon Carbide) CVD coated profile thermocouples. The Vulcan Sapphire thermocouple construction is offered as a more cost-effective alternative to SiC constructions with several advantages.

The Sapphire thermocouple is composed of a tempered single homogeneous sapphire crystal formed into the shape of the thermocouple protection tube. The single crystal sapphire material is an extremely pure composition of aluminum oxide (Al2O3) at 4N purity (99.99% pure).  The combination of properties provides superior performance and stability at temperatures as high as 2000°C (3632°F) with no material degradation.  The Sapphire composition also addresses a significant problem that is common with SiC sheath thermocouples where the Silicon (Si) component material reacts with the platinum thermocouple wire to form conductive platinum silicide – leading to short circuits and other electrical problems.

Other exceptional properties of the Vulcan Sapphire tempered sapphire sheath construction include high material hardness, excellent chemical resistance, superior abrasion resistance, and high thermal conductivity. In addition to the benefits of a cost-effective superior construction, our ISO 17025 laboratory accreditation provides another level of confidence and assurance to our customers.

In addition to numerous Silicon Process Technologies applied in the Semiconductor Industry, Sapphire thermocouples deliver superior performance in many harsh processes with high temperature, high pressures and aggressive chemical compounds. Examples of process applications include; reactive oxides at high temperature, ammonia synthesis, gasification, Claus process, NOx removal, and desulphurization.

Whether a new application or an existing SiC thermocouple conversion, our experienced engineering team is prepared to develop a solution for your most demanding applications.

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