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Thermocouple Grade Wire Configurator

  • Ceramic insulated type KJTENSRBC thermocouples are assembled into protection tubes with weatherproof enclosures as specified below.

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  • 'K' Chromel-Alumel

     Size of WireType of WireOhmsInsulationsNominal Over-all Size Inch
    B.&S. GaugeInchEach ConductorOver-all
    200.032Solid0.59Nextel CeramicNextel Ceramic.095x.135
    200.032Solid0.59Refrosil Vitreous SilicaRefrosil Vitreous Silica.102x.174
    200.032Solid0.59Glass BraidGlass Braid.057x.102
    200.032Solid0.59Glass WrapGlass Braid.053x.094
    200.032Solid0.59High Temp. Glass BraidHigh Temp. Glass Braid.100x.150
    200.032Solid0.59TeflonTM (FEP) ExtrudedTeflonTM (FEP) Extruded.070x.120
    200.032Solid0.59Fused TeflonTM(TFE)TapeFused TeflonTM(TFE)Tape.065x.110
    200.032Solid0.59Fused Kapton TapeTwisted0.087
    20-Stranded0.538Double Glass BraidGlass Braid.072x.132
    240.0201Solid1.49Glass BraidGlass Braid.045x.078
    240.0201Solid1.49Glass WrapGlass Braid.042x.072
    260.0159Solid2.37Glass WrapGlass Braid.039x.064
    280.0120Solid3.77Glass BraidGlass Braid.037x.061
    280.0120Solid3.77Glass WrapGlass Braid.035x.056
    300.01Solid5.98Glass WrapGlass Braid.032x.052
    200.032Solid0.59Nextel-Ceramic FiberNextel-Ceramic Fiber.102x.174

    'E' Chromel-Constantan

     Size of WireType of WireOhmsInsulationsNominal Over-all Size Inch
    B.&S. GaugeInchEach ConductorOver-all
    200.032Solid0.704Glass BraidGlass braid.057x.102

    'J' Iron-Constantan

     Size of WireType of WireOhmsInsulationsNominal Over-all Size Inch
    B.&S. GaugeInchEach ConductorOver-all
    140.0641Solid0.086Glass BraidGlass Braid.090x.167
    160.0508Solid0.137Fused Kapton TapeTwisted0.125
    200.032Solid0.357Glass BraidGlass Braid.057x.102
    200.032Solid0.357Glass WrapGlass Braid.053x.094
    200.032Solid0.357"Teflon (TFE)Tape, Teflon (TFE) Impregnated Glass Braid"Teflon (TFE) Impregnated Glass Braid.075x.137
    200.032Solid0.357Teflon (FEP) ExtrudedTeflon (FEP) Extruded.070x.120
    200.032Solid0.357Fused Teflon (TFE)TapeFused Teflon (TFE)Tape.065x.110
    200.032Solid0.357Fused Kapton TapeTwisted0.087
    20-Stranded0.317Double Glass BraidGlass Braid.072x.132
    240.0201Solid0.877Glass BraidGlass Braid.045x.078
    240.0201Solid0.877Glass WrapGlass Braid.042x.072
    240.0201Solid0.877PolyvinylNone-Rip-Cord Construction.048x.096
    240.0201Solid0.877Fused Teflon (TFE)TapeFused Teflon (TFE)Tape.047x.078
    240.0201Solid0.877Fused Kapton TapeTwisted0.063
    280.0126Solid2.216Glass WrapGlass Braid.035x.056
    300.01Solid3.52Glass BraidGlass Braid.035x.056
    300.01Solid3.52Glass WrapGlass Braid.032x.052

    'T' Copper-Constantan

     Size of WireType of WireOhmsInsulationsNominal Over-all Size Inch
    B.&S. GaugeInchEach ConductorOver-all
    200.032Solid0.298Glass BraidGlass Braid.057x.102
    200.032Solid0.298Fused Teflon (TFE) TapeFused Teflon (TFE) Tape.065x.110
    240.0201Solid0.753Glass BraidGlass Braid.045x.078
    240.0201Solid0.753Glass BraidGlass Braid.045x.078
    240.0201Solid0.753Glass WrapGlass Braid.042x.072
    240.0201Solid0.753PolyvinylNon-Rip Cord Construction.048x.096
    240.0201Solid0.753Fused Teflon (TFE) TapeFused Teflon (TFE) Tape.047x.078
    300.01Solid3.025Glass WrapGlass Braid.032x.052
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